Fundraising Projects – Creativity is the Key to Success

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Everyone who is involved with organizing fundraising events is pressured to come up with great and innovative fundraising events ideas to collect funds for their causes and organizations.

This is especially necessary today, since more and more people and companies are feeling the effects of the financial crisis. They think that brilliant and imaginative fundraising events ideas can easily entice people to donate or support the endeavor. And they can. The number one rule of fundraising is that if your idea is good, your fundraiser will most likely be profitable. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to come up with fundraising event ideas. So what can one do if he or she needs these ideas for the sake of their fundraising event? Here are some suggestions:


The organization should have a meeting, where everyone is required to suggest ideas for their upcoming fundraiser events. This way, every idea is heard, and the part can decide which ideas to try. The group can also collectively try and come up with fundraising events ideas on the spot. Having a group of people come up with ideas for fundraiser events removes the pressure of the responsibility from one person and passes it to everyone on the organization. Two heads are better than one, they say – so the heads of an entire organization can definitely come with better ideas for the fundraising event.Hire The Service Of Experts

Not all organizations can come up with fundraising event ideas. Furthermore, not everyone can organize these events by themselves. Beginners and those who are just starting out with this endeavor should consider hiring the service of professional fundraiser. These professionals are usually paid a pre-determined amount or a percentage of the revenue acquired through the fundraising event. Many are against this since this will obviously decrease the revenue, but it is a smart option for those who are not sure if they can pull off the effort.


The best way to know what type of fundraising events succeed is through researching. There are many resources available on this topic, so this shouldn’t be too difficult. For instance, one can go online and look for tips and ideas. Others can go the traditional way and consult other organizations and individuals who have already successfully organized a fundraiser. Ask them what factors helped make their fundraising event succeed. Go to different fundraising events to see what attracts people and donors.Improve Previous Ideas

Finally, when all else fails, one need not come up with imaginative fundraising events ideas – he or she can merely elaborate previous fundraising events of the group or the organization that worked and succeeded in collecting funds. In fact, this is what a number of major non-profit organizations are doing now. Instead of using new ideas, they stick to their old ones, since they are already tried and tested. In short, they are already guaranteed to work. One can merely improve some details and points in order to make it an even bigger success. This is less risky compared to trying out new ways to raise funds.

3 Things To Consider First Before Starting Your Schools Fundraisers

Every fundraiser organizer wants their schools fundraisers to be easy. You don’t want to complicate things and ruin your efforts by choosing a difficult fundraising idea. The only problem is that how can you organize them to be simple and at the same time obtain good results. Since you will be raising funds for your beneficiaries, you have to make sure that you will succeed in your fundraising efforts.

There are three things to consider in order for your schools fundraisers to be successful. This includes the effort and help that is involved, the needed resources and of course the duration of the entire fundraising event. You need to ensure that you have these factors covered before starting your fundraiser since this will assist you in making sure that you reach fundraising success. These factors are some of the most basic fundamentals that the majority of fundraisers follow. In organizing a fundraiser, you need to exert some effort in order to make your fundraising events a reality. The level of effort that you and your volunteers need to exert is also equals to the size of your events as well as the amount of income that you need. Even though you are just organizing a simple and easy fundraiser, you need to exert effort on it otherwise you can’t obtain the expected outcome of your events. If you want, you can even train your volunteers before your events so that they will be prepared of the different things that will happen in a fundraiser. Teach them everything they need to know since doing so would make them more flexible to different tasks and responsibilities that they need to do.The main problem with organizing a fundraiser nowadays is that most of the organizers don’t have enough funds to start the ball rolling. Fundraisers are for non-profit purposes but how can you start one if you don’t have enough resources to start with. If you will be choosing a sales fundraiser where you are going to retail fundraising products in order to gain income, you need to invest a capital first before you can start selling. You can do this by soliciting donations first before starting your campaign. You can do this to your acquaintances such as your family, relatives, friends and co-workers. Your volunteer team should also do the same so that you can increase the maximum funds that you can obtain to start your events. Prepare your fundraising events carefully and compute each financial aspect of your fundraiser so that you can be sure that they are profitable. Be wary of all the expenses that you might incur during your events as well as the potential overall income of your project. Conserve your initial funds as much as possible so that you can use them in emergency situations.Another aspect that you need to consider in your fundraiser is the duration of your events. The whole duration of your fundraising events depends on how big it is. You can’t sell the same fundraising product over and over again for the whole year. Small fundraisers usually run for about 3 weeks in order to obtain their much-needed funds.

School Fundraising – 5 Don’ts to Remember

Often when people talk about school fundraising they discuss what needs to be done. You will encounter plenty of people offering advice about what to do and what to remember. While many of these tips will really help the success of your fundraiser, it is also important to remember that there are some things that you shouldn’t do. Let’s look at a few fundraising don’ts so that you can save yourself from making some common school fundraising mistakes.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Fundraising can be very profitable for your school, but a single fundraiser shouldn’t be the only solution to all of your school’s financial problems. Don’t expect one candy or cookie dough fundraiser to earn enough money to replace playground equipment, order textbooks, fund fieldtrips and buy new carpet. Set realistic monetary earnings goals for each school fundraiser. Remember you can always have more than one fundraiser. When you try to earn more than is possible in a single fundraiser you will burn yourself and students out and will fall short of your goals.Don’t Rush Fundraising

A fundraiser takes time to plan and coordinate. Make sure that you allot plenty of time for each stage in the fundraising process. Many fundraising companies can get you your products very quickly, so shop around and find the best fundraiser for your organization before you commit. Also take time before starting to organize, find help and plan with students. When you rush you make fundraising more complicated and stressful and you run the risk of discouraging students that would otherwise be enthusiastic about earning money for the school.

Don’t Choose the First School Fundraiser You Find

There are many great school fundraising programs out there. You may decide to hold a candy fundraiser or a cookie dough fundraiser. Other schools host car washes, bake sales or even catalog orders. All of these options can be profitable, but research is critical. Make sure that you choose a fundraiser that offers a good profit margin. Working with an established school fundraising company is also very important. Shopping around will ensure that you find the most profitable option for your school.

Don’t Do Everything Alone

As you plan your fundraiser make sure that you enlist plenty of help. Parents, school volunteers, students and community members are often happy to help. You may even be able to find a few teachers willing to volunteer their time. Having a strong support staff will make every stage of the fundraising process easier. They can help you to organize earnings, keep track of product and orders and to motivate students.Don’t Lose Motivation

Many people are excited at the start of a fundraiser and then slowly lose motivation as the fundraiser progresses. This can really cut into your potential for earnings. Strive to stay motivated from the start of the fundraiser to the very end. A great way to keep your motivation up is to limit the length of a fundraiser. Rather than hosting a two month long catalog sale, cut the sales time in half. This will encourage students to sell faster and will reduce the amount of time that you must commit to each fundraiser.
Fundraising is a great way to earn extra money for your school. These important tips will help you to earn more and stress less throughout the entire school fundraising process.